HDF & netCDF I/O for PVGeo

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An offshoot of PVGeo for HDF5 and netCDF data formats.

Why isn’t this included in PVGeo?

These features are experimental and we are concerned about how netCDF/HDF files do not have any inherit structure that might define spatially referenced data. We are also concerned that some of the dependancies for HDF5 I/O libraries might make PVGeo’s installation process a bit cumbersome for the average user.

If we find that this framework is simple, and doesn’t add to much weight to PVGeo, then we will merge this project into a new suite within PVGeo.

This project is a work in progress! These plugins are meant to be used in ParaView - if you are using them in a pure Python environment, you’re probably better off using netCDF4 with PyVista than trying to fiddle with this somewhat convoluted code.


git clone https://github.com/OpenGeoVis/PVGeo-HDF5.git
cd PVGeo-HDF5

pip install -e .


Take a look at the notebook examples under the examples directory. Those examples load some datasets that I have locally which are gigabytes ins size, so we don’t really have a way to share them on GitHub. Sorry!

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