netCDF I/O

This module contains general readers and writers for netCDF formats.

SVC Parcel Reader

class pvgeohdf.netcdf.SVCParcelReader(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: PVGeo.base.ReaderBaseBase

SVCParcelReader for Kelton


Super class has file names as a list but we will only handle a single project file. This provides a conveinant way of making sure we only access that single file. A user could still access the list of file names using GetFileNames().


Use this in ParaView decorator to register timesteps on the pipeline.

RequestData(request, inInfo, outInfo)[source]

Used by pipeline to get data for current timestep and populate the output data object.

RequestInformation(request, inInfo, outInfo)[source]

This will handle setting the timesteps appropriately based on the number of file names when the pipeline needs to know the time information.


This is an example of how to set a property for this reader to use. Note that we do not use this property.


This happens up front so the data read happens only once and ParaView will be able to make calls on the RequestData method to get the data for a specific timestep


Get the Points as numpy ndarrays or pandas dataframe where first three columns are the XYZ coordinates


This parses the loaded dataset to a NumPy ndarray. The first axis represents a time step in the model space.


For internal use only: appropriately sets the timesteps.

extensions = 'nc netCDF netcdf'